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Behind The


Eavesdrop on private conversations and uncover revenue-generating insights behind the successful launches of top marketing pros.


AUGUST 12 - 16, 2024

Registration opens July 29th!

image of spotlights and stage
image of spotlights and stage

“Your event is one of the few where I listened to every single speaker.
The format is AMAZING.”


Do you ever wish you could DM the person
who just had a 6-figure launch and ask:

What did you do?

What went well? 

What would you change?

And go into your
next launch feeling...

Uber confident, because you have a simplified approach to launching that works (without the pressure to send a bazillion sales emails)

Pumped because you have a proven path to make more sales with a solid, sleaze-free launch strategy

Excited because when people ask you “How's your launch going?” you can actually say “AWESOME!”


let's be real for a moment...

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There’s nothing more vulnerable than launching to the masses, hoping someone (anyone!) will see the value and click "Buy Now."

It’s the fear of the unknown — especially because launches never seem to go the way you want them to.

And when you open your doors it can feel like you’re stuck at a Vegas roulette table, watching in terror as that little ball bounces around deciding your fate.

You Want to Launch with


(minus the false promises
or tacky tricks)

The best way to do it?

You learn what's working NOW from the pros

Consider this your *exclusive invite* to Behind the Launch — a series of conversations where I ask online business experts one simple question:

“What’s something that worked well during your last launch?"

Behind the Launch is a series of intimate conversations, all held over Voxer (yes, the walkie-talkie app), where industry experts pull back the curtain on their last launch.

Not the stuff you hear on a podcast or you find on Google — but a quick chat between friends about real-lived experiences.

Because the online industry needs more “human” conversations and to dispel the idea that people who have successful launches never struggle behind the scenes, don't have to test out new ideas, or iterate over time.

Do you want to get in the room with industry leaders
and be a part of the conversation?

Exactly what I needed to up-level my strategy.

"I haven't even finished listening to Kevin Rogers Behind the Launch and this is solid gold. Thank you so much for opening up these conversations between business leaders this is exactly what I needed as I'm looking at up leveling my strategy for the rest of the year 🙌🏻"


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Learning so much from these bite-sized interviews. 100% actional info...fluff. This event is GENIUS!

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What if your next launch was the most successful one yet?

One where you launched to an audience that was clamoring to buy your course, program, or 1:1 service (instead of worrying you’re launching to crickets).

Where you feel Amy Porterfield prepared, confident, and in control.

These industry experts
will help you…

  • Gather an eager audience of people ready to buy when your doors open
  • Demonstrate effectively to your audience that you’re the person they should spend money with
  • Pivot when your launch isn’t going as planned
  • Simplify your launch process so you can increase sales — without wanting to burn it all to the ground
  • Not have to rely on social media for a successful launch

expert guests have been featured in...

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Masha Goins


Jasmin Haley


Kim Kiel


Kary Perry


Natasha Pierre


Patrice Poltzer


Veronica Romney


Kenz Soliman


Shawn Twing


Julie Zhu

During this ICONIC event
you'll get access to:

  • 15 Behind-the-Scenes Voxer Chats exclusively about what’s working now with launching
  • Private Facebook Community to take part in the conversations
  • Recaps and Real-Time Interviews where you can ask questions and get more launch inspo

When you grab your spot for Behind the Launch you’ll get insider access to all of the conversations from August 12th - 16th.

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With your backstage pass to Behind the Launch
you’ll discover things like…

  • The low-lift launch event that led to a bananas 70%+ close rate
  • The unexpected $100K+ launch off a $97 workshop

  • 4 types of Instagram videos you don’t want to skip during your next promo
  • How one person had to pivot when things weren't going as planned — and ended up selling out!
  • The innovative method that pre-sold 88% of a program before the doors opened
  • How a simple Google Doc Sales Page raked in 6 figures (swipe the structure!)
  • How one guest expert 3x their sales — without ads, growing their list, or showing up consistently on social media 
  • Why simplifying your next promo could be the answer to increasing launch revenue

It is so nice to have content that is more bite-sized. It feels so doable and actionable!

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meet your host

Hi, I'm Brenna McGowan!

Excuse me as I uncomfortably step into 3rd person…

Brenna McGowan is a strategic copywriter, marketing consultant and launch pro who helps coaches and course creators launch with more confidence, more sales, and far less stress.

She believes that hustle-based, high-pressure program launches don’t serve you or your customers.  By leveraging her pre-launch strategies, Brenna’s clients have seen 300%+ revenue growth in their launches without the frenzy and chaos they used to feel when launching. She also helps her students inside The Pre-Launch Plan Program create strategic pre-launch plans that’ve raked in hundreds of thousands in revenue. 

When Brenna’s not strategizing or helping clients launch, you can find her walking in her Northern California neighborhood, continuing her endless search for the perfect white t-shirt, reading cheesy romance books, or coming to terms with soon becoming an empty-nester.


So much value and golden nuggets within each conversation!

...your event the week is exploding my brain in the best way!

...the Voxer interviews are jam-packed and so great!


You might've heard some of this chatter when it comes to launching:

→ Numbers are down

→ Launching is so stressful!

→ Ads are so expensive and sales are tanking because of it

→ The market has shifted and people aren’t buying like they used to

I agree with all the above — if you’re still trying to launch the way you did in 2022. 

The online landscape has changed — buyers are getting more sophisticated. They have more choices.

They’ve been burned.

They have less disposable income.

They’re more careful with their purchases.

Buyers are savvier and more discerning than ever. 

But, this is a good thing. Because when you can adapt and tweak the way you’re launching…

You’ll have more opportunities in 2024 than ever before. 

Yes, the economy feels shaky, but people are still buying.

You just need to:

  • Update your strategy
  • Move away from the cookie-cutter advice
  • Listen to the experts who are getting real results and put their advice into action

Grab your seat to Behind the Launch so you can gain *exclusive* access to what’s working NOW for successful launches.

Plus, get fresh ideas you can apply to your own promotions! 

I hope you “enjoy the show.”

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